cda competency 1

Topics: Eating, Play, Nutrition Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: December 29, 2013
Competency Statement 1:
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment A safe, healthy and learning environment is essential for young children. My main responsibility is to prevent and reduce injuries, while providing a learning environment that will benefit the children in my care. Supervision is key in children’s safety indoors and outdoors. Looking around for any hazards in the area, where the children in my care play, eat, sleep and spend most of their day. I discard any broken, cracked, damaged or loose parts. The children's toys are age appropriate. I make sure that any and all chemicals are stored properly in the original containers under lock and key. I as a teacher plan fire drill practice monthly to ensure that all children in care will not be afraid and to move as quickly as possible out of the home All children are kept healthy by washing hands of both the caregiver and the child before and after every diaper change and toileting as well as sanitizing the changing table. Disposable gloves are used for the diapering process. Washing hands after wiping noses to ensure germs are not spread. Sanitizing all play areas daily and mouthed toys are immediately removed from the play area for later deep cleaning. Nutritious meals are planned for the week. Good eating habits are modeled and children are encouraged to eat new foods. All children medical records are current and up to date. Young infants are given the opportunity for tummy time to develop the strength to hold their heads up.  Mobile infants are given the opportunity to explore their environment by crawling and trying to walk but do so under supervision. Toddlers' learning environment includes creating a day to day routine for them as regular meal times, play times and rest times. This allows them to know what to expect. Preschoolers participate in planning group activities, outdoors materials are brought inside for art and science. Music items and books are displayed for them,...
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