Changing Filipinoss Because of the Modern Orld

Topics: Technology, Conscience, Modern history Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Changes of the Filipinos Because Of the Modern World
Filipinos are known on their traditional values. One of the traditional values of the Filipinos is “paggalang” it is being respectful to others or giving due respect to a person. They even used the term “po and opo” as the sign of respect. But there is something bothering in my mind and that is where was the Filipino values came from? Let’ discover where was did it came from.

Filipino values have been derived from racial strains and cultural elements.   These are Aeta, Indonesians, Malayan, Hindu and Chinese.   These formed the core of our moral conscience, cultural identify coupled with the cultural elements derived from Spain, the United States and from the modern global community, (Panopio and Rolda, 2000).

Most of the Filipinos now have a lot of change because of the technologies. That’s why there are some questions that’s bothering in my mind, like what are the other changes of these technology in our society and in our lives? Nowadays, Filipinos often use technologies in courting a woman. Man use cellular phones to get the “yes” of that woman they are courting with. Why it is there’s no so called “harana” in our time today? The ancient methods of olden times were losing because of the modern world. Technologies influenced a big change in our world. And also, because of the modern technologies the way of the people, especially teenagers, changes. The duties of a student is to study hard but because of the modern world and technologies, they only study when they want. When we become habituated to the amazing technological achievements of recent years, we forget to be thrilled and amazed. We lose that great sense of wonder, of awe. We take brilliance for granted and so we ignore the human elements of fortitude, creativity, and intelligence” (Vaidnyanathan, 51-52) It does not matter if your home is a noisy urban walk-up or a quaint...
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