Character Education

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A. Background

Madagascar, an Indian Ocean Island country, is the world’s fourth largest Island. It has experienced political instability since early 2009, initiated by tensions between the country’s last elected president, Marc Ravalomanana, and an opposition movement led by Andry Rajoelina, the mayor of the capital city, Antananarivo. Periodic protests by Ravalomanana supporters after the takeover led to violent clashes with security forces.

As a result of the coup d’état, many workstations were destroyed, many Malagasy people lost their job, and foreign governments, including the United States, reacted to Rajoelina’s seizure of power by sanctioning the government in various ways (e.g., through, restrictions on aid, personal sanctions on some individuals, and removal of trade benefits). That's why Madagascar is currently in poverty and the character of Malagasy people has been changed. Many of them influence to the evil acts such as theft, crime.

Regardless of that, one of the most famous bad characters of Malagasy people also, is jealousy, a spring that threatens the country's economic development. The difference between Madagascar and Indonesia is Religion. That is not too important in Madagascar, that’s why it’s not among subjects that educated in public schools and also, Ministry of Religion does not exist. Religion is like a personal affair for Malagasy people, it can be learned only in Church, except to the private schools which are institutionalized by catholic or protestant religion. So, that is not enough to change better the character of Malagasy young generation. Therefore, implementation of religious education in all public and private schools is necessary.



A. Implementation Of Religious Education in the current curriculum of

Education in Madagascar
Based on the policy of the National Education of Madagascar, year 2011, the purpose of education is to increase the level of basic skills in schools in order to improve the productivity which contributes to the development of the country on the one side; a refound of culture and human rights, citizenship and of citizenship on the other side. (M. MANORO Régis, Minister of National Education, Ministère de l’Education Nationale. on 14th of November in 2013). The Government expected that by means of educations both formal and informal can build the character of Malagasy young generation. Although Madagascar needs political stability, job creation, and social welfare, Education is a solution to build the nation's character. However in Madagascar, religious education is not yet integrated into curriculum of education. So, the implementation of this subject in the current curriculum is one of the best solutions to build the character of Malagasy people in 2020 (My hope for Malagasy people to have a good character).

The scientist from State University of New York in their book The Vision of Islam said that ‘’The solution to solve the problem in society, as the hunger, diseases, pollution and many kinds of social diseases is return to God through religion’’. The combination between the idea about education and religion, can find the balance of the life itself. It means that it must improve the educational system itself. The education doesn’t only emphasize on the technology development, but also on improving the faith and piety on the moral itself. The religious education doesn’t only teach the theory, but also the application in everyday life style. On in other word the religion not stops in the competence, but

also to the will and habit. Don’t only master the moral knowing, but also the moral feeling and the moral action. By this way, it is hoped that the potency of the young generation can develop optimally to...

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