Chevy vs. Ford

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Chevy vs. Ford
We have all heard the argument concerning vehicles and their brands, whether you are a Chevy, Ford, or even Dodge fan it really doesn’t matter. We all seem to stick to one side and if nothing else is ever said about either company, they both have very loyal customers and very similar beginnings. Not to mention that if it were not for the difference maybe more people would be willing to admit just how alike these two brands really are.

Louis-Joseph Chevrolet was born Christmas Day in 1878, in a small village in Switzerland. During his childhood he spent his time in the villages of Bonfol and Beurnevésin, which were close to the French border. Around 1887, Louis learned to repair and later race bicycles.

Louis had gained a hunger in the knowledge for the repair of bicycles while working at a mechanics shop which fixed not just bicycles but carriages as well. There is where he would learn the basics of gears and mechanicals. He would also end up building and selling his own bicycle called the Frontenac. This name would be later used for his race cars. Louis became known for racing manufactured bicycles and was given a job in the mechanical shops of Mors and Darracq Company. Darracq built the “well-known” Gladiator bicycles, Louis was introduced to the Darracq internal combustion engine and this would consume his interest and where he would began studying the 4 cycle engine.

Louis Chevrolet founded the brand in 1911 in Detroit Michigan, along with W.C. Durant. They both earned a reputation for developing cars with performance, durability, and value. Those characteristics are still a core part in the business today which is the fourth largest automotive brand. Chevy has made performance affordable. With its four and six cylinder engines they have become known for their strong performance and their durability.

In the 1955 Chevy introduced a small-block V-8 which opened a new era in attainable high performance that would...
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