Child Behavior Getting Better or Worse Than Years Ago

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Marissa Sober

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As time goes on and technology advances a person’s privacy is at risk not only financially, but, medically as well. HIPAA was set into place to protect patients and their rights to keep their information private and safe. In recent years HIPAA has been making an attempt to make changes to better the system and help protect the patient’s privacy more adequately. Although the government sees these changes as helpful they may not be as helpful to the patient and their needs.

In February of 2007 President OBAMA signed a bill to add changes to HIPAA. The changes will be made over the next few years as technology and medical records practices change. Breach notification was added to notify an individual that access to their records has been breached. This requires the facility to notify the patient of the breach with some details. Restriction on marketing guidelines were set to limit the amount of marketing materials sent and regulates what can and cannot be sent. Individual rights are being changed to match the changes in technology. EHR records are to be provided when a patient requests them, disclosures will be provided notifying the patient of EHR use. Along with the changes to policies within HIPAA comes a long list of fee’s and violation costs. Penalty costs can be fined up to about 1.5 million per incident. The enforcement of HIPAA and regulations that come along with HIPAA are going to be strictly enforced. Agencies have been set up to regulate each state and each entity to ensure HIPPA practices are being utilized.

During 2011 there $9.2 million dollars was used to help develop HIPPA auditing protocol and conduct audits. This money was set aside to make sure people were following the rules and regulations set forth by the government and health care agencies. 49 percent of incidents of violations of HIPPA were due to physical theft; 16 percent unauthorized access/disclosure, 14 percent physical loss, 9...

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