Choose safety for life

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Choose safety for life
Prof. Serra

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April 5, 2013
Car safety is the first thing car buyers should be concerned about. In today’s society people only care about technology and how modern they can be forgetting that in a car they are putting their lives in danger and having some knowledge of safety is very important. Basic information about safety is given to people so they can understand how important car safety is. Not many people are aware of this but Volvo is the safest car brand in the world. Volvo balances technology with safety. A comparison based on car safety was made with other brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Infiniti.

Choose safety for life
Are you safe in your own car? Are you aware of how important safety is? The first things that come to mind when buying a car are luxury and technology when in reality we should look first if the car is safe or not. Safety is the most important detail people should consider when buying a car. Most people are not well informed about the safety of the cars and they buy cars without acknowledging that maybe they are not even safe in their own car. Volvo cars are the safest cars in the industry and not many people are aware of it.

As technology developed, cars began to improve making them faster and more dangerous. Safety went from being a first priority to second priority causing a lot of accidents and deaths (Hamilton, N.D.). According to Hamilton automobile industries started to get concerned and began to improve car safety by installing safety devices such as seatbelts, airbags and child safety seats. These devices are essential on any car. Although safety has improved a lot of accidents continue to occur meaning that it is important for people to be aware of the safest cars in the world so their lives won’t be lost in a fatal accident. Every car in the industry calls itself safe but which are truly safe? Every car brand has its own way of selling cars and they are experts on telling people their brand is the best. Buying a car means making a lot of decisions like color, style, brand, and price range. Those are the first thoughts that come to mind, but what about safety? For a buyer it is really difficult to make a decision but many are fooled with what they see than the facts and reviews of the cars. Over the years some brands have distinguished from the others, some for their big advances in technology, others for their cheap prices, and for safety rankings. The top safest car brands in the industry from least to most are Infiniti, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo.

The Infiniti is a car that is not sold really well. It is not seen too much on the road. One reason we think is not sold well is because of its price $73, 000 according to McHugh, 2010. If it starts in that price it is too expensive and it is not a safe car. The safety package of the Infinity QX56 is about technology warning. Lane Departure, Lane Departure Prevention and Blind Spot Warning system are the safety features of the Infinity (McHugh, 2010). These features prevent the car from getting close to the white marks of the lane and an indicator light illuminates when another car is in the blind spot (McHugh, 2010). It also comes with Intelligent Cruise Control, Distance Control Assist, and Intelligent Brake Assist with Forward Collision Warning, Front Pre-Crash Seat Belts and Hill Start Assist (McHugh, 2010). We think these features are great to prevent an accident and the seat belts and good brakes are very important, but what about if an accident occurs? What if the technology fails? Is this vehicle ready to resist a crash of great impact and secure its passengers from dying? These are questions that the buyers have to make themselves. Where is the proof that this car will help someone survive a fatal crash?...

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