Christian Worldview

Topics: Holy Spirit, Philosophy, Mind Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: July 13, 2013
Elaine Bates
CWV – 101
David Steimle

My Personal Thoughts on God, Ethics and Knowledge
The three components that make up my Christian worldview are God, ethics, and knowledge because they have molded my thinking, life experiences, accompanied with a wealth of knowledge through education and life decisions. Experience God and doing the will God is one of those components. Because of my faith in God I have learned how to trust and depend on him unconditionally for everything. In addition; being grateful for the trials and tribulations where miracles had the opportunity to be birthed into manifestation. For example, when my mother was hospitalized and my pager went off twenty times God was warning me that trouble was ahead. I had cried for two weeks earlier before the incident and I thought I was mourning for my friends mother, who was hospitalized and in reality I was mourning my own mother’s death. One of the greatest decisions that I ever made was when I turned my life over to God and allowed his perfect will to come into my world. By doing that it gave me the chance to gain a Christian education and teachings throughout the bible. Because without those teachings and understanding it would be impossible to understand things that happen in life otherwise, but he equips you at all times.

The word of God has given us the road map to ethics, and the consequences for doing the right and wrong things in life. Ethics plays a vital role in this because it is the principle of dealing with what is right or wrong, and the morals that one possess. When you obey God he blesses you; however if you disobey him he will allow a curse to come upon you. The obedience opens up doors that otherwise would have been closed. People tend to give you favor in life, and they don’t even recognize why they are doing what they are doing at the time. I call this walking in the Fog or walking in the favor of God. When God tells you to give a person something...
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