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Topics: Technology, Mobile phone, Social status Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: November 14, 2013
Technology has come a long way from what it used to be. Now, we live in a world run by the mass media. As a result, we have a constant need for the latest and greatest technology. Each year, our technological abilities become greater, as well as our cravings for new technology. However, when many think of new technology, and what they can get their hands on, they become anxious. They will stop at nothing in order to get something new. Many are starting to question whether this addiction for technology is becoming a pro or a con in today’s society. Technology can be very helpful to a lot of people, mentally and physically. With all the endless amounts of opportunities technology has given us, we as a species have been able to succeed. Thanks to technology, people with certain disabilities that have lost their hearing or limbs are able to make up for it using hearing aids and prosthetic limbs. Technology has helped people become more productive by allowing us to create major advancements such as televisions, phones, and computers. Over the years, technology rapidly started to become more advanced. Because of this, people began to break the privileges we have been given by our technological knowledge. As a result, have simply become lazy. With the introduction of social networking, one of the largest technological advances we’ve ever had, human laziness has significantly increased. You may ask yourself, “but wait, how can social networking make us socially lazier?” Social networking has had a substantial impact on the way humans choose to live. Before social networking was ever even conceived, people used to talk on the phone, write, and visit each other if they ever wanted to get in contact. People still do all of these things, but with the introduction of social networking, people have become less inclined to do so, because all of these things can now be accomplished behind a computer screen. Writing physical letters, talking on the phone, and even visiting other...
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