Commercial Vehicle Market in India

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Commercial Vehicle Market in India-Industry Report
Commercial Vehicle Market in India-Industry Report

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Usage Segment6
Market share & Competition Situation8
Key Opportunities14
Key Success factors15
Financial Analysis17
Regulatory Advantage & legal frameworks22
Recent Mergers & Acquisitions26
Industry SWOT27
Market forecast with Macroeconomic assumptions28
PEST Analysis30
List of Industry Associations32

Executive Summary

India being the second most populated and seventh largest nation in the world provides a vast and untapped market for automobile giants. The de-licensing in 1991 provided the well-deserved growth essentials, which attracted international automobile majors to set up their production facilities in the country to take advantage of various facilities available.

According to my research, the economic slowdown has had moderate negative effects on commercial vehicle market. The slowdown of commercial activities in infrastructure, construction, manufacturing and other sectors resulted in sluggish demand for commercial vehicles. However, in 2009-10, the commercial vehicle segment regained its growth momentum, both in terms of production and sales, on the strong fundamentals of recuperating demand from almost all prominent sectors. Especially, passenger carriers registered notable sales momentum and boosted the overall commercial vehicle development outlook. In coming years, rapid expansion of cities to suburban areas will also create more demand for mass transportation vehicles in the country. It is expected that a major part of India will be well connected by 2013-14, which will fuel the demand for commercial passenger carriers in the country. Keeping this in mind, we have projected the sales of commercial passenger carriers to register nearly 13% CAGR between 2010-11 and 2013-14.

On utility vehicle front, the country posted one of the fastest year-on-year production growths in 2009-10. In 2008-09, manufacturers were forced to halt their production capacity amid falling domestic and export demand for utility vehicles. Consequently, the production saw a massive 11% drop in the same year. With recovering vehicle demand from schools, corporates and public sector organizations, the production grew strongly at the rate of 24.4% in 2009-10. We anticipate this trend to continue in coming years also, thus enabling the country to become a dominant utility vehicle player in global arena. This report is an outcome of extensive research and objective analysis on Utility Vehicle, Multipurpose Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle markets in India. The report provides detailed data and statistics on production, sales and export trends for each of the abovementioned market segment. It studies all the past and present trends prevailing in the market to give the future market outlook.

Industry in India

1. -------------------------------------------------
Automobile production and sales went up in 2007-08 as compared to 2002-03. 2. -------------------------------------------------
They reached a peak in 2009-10
3. -------------------------------------------------
Sales of commercial vehicles are growing day by day due to the growing construction industry and commercial developments and many other conditions such as growing urbanization. -------------------------------------------------

4. -------------------------------------------------
Automobile production and sales went up in 2007-08 as compared to 2002-03. 5. -------------------------------------------------
They reached a peak in 2009-10
6. -------------------------------------------------
Sales of commercial vehicles are growing day by day due to the growing construction industry and...
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