Comparison of Macroeconomic Factors of India and Usa

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Comparison of macroeconomic Factors of India and USA

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* Ameya Pise
* Shaheen Siddique
* Aman Gupta
* Ankit Sawde

Table of Contents

3.Population Density4
4.Natural Resources5
5.Forest area5
6.Gross domestic product (GDP)6
7.GDP per capita6
8.GDP Growth Rate7
9.GDP Real Growth Rate8
10.GNI, PPP10
11.GNI per capita, PPP10
12.Contribution of Sectors to GDP11
13.Monetary Policy12
15.Unemployment Rate16
16.Inflation Rate17
17.Consumer price index18
18.Foreign Exchange Reserves19
21.Stock Market22
22.Index Differences24
23.Comparison of Prices24
Task Allocation28

Table of Figures
Figure 1: GDP Growth Rate – India7
Figure 2: GDP Growth Rate – USA8
Figure 3: GDP Real Growth Rate - India8
Figure 4: GDP Real Growth Rate - USA8
Figure 5: Contribution of Sectors to GDP11
Figure 6: Inflation Rate - India17
Figure 7: Inflation Rate - USA17
Figure 8: Consumer Price Index - India18
Figure 9: Consumer Price Index - USA18
Figure 10: Stock Index variation - India21
Figure 11: Stock Index variation – USA22

1. Population
Year Data taken: Dec 2011
INDIA| 1241.49 million|
USA| 311.59 million|

2. Area
Year Data taken: 2009
Total area is the sum of all land and water areas delimited by international a boundaries and/or coastlines. Land area is the aggregate of all surfaces delimited by international boundaries and/or coastlines, excluding inland water bodies (lakes, reservoirs, rivers). Water area is the sum of the surfaces of all inland water bodies, such as lakes, reservoirs, or rivers, as delimited by international boundaries and/or coastlines. Country| Total Area| Land | Water|

INDIA| 3,287,263 sq km| 2,973,193 sq km| 314,070 sq km| USA| 9,826,675 sq km| 9,161,966 sq km| 664,709 sq km|

3. Population Density
INDIA| 378 people/sq. km|
USA| 32 people / sq km|

4. Natural Resources
Coal (fourth-largest reserves in the world), iron ore, manganese, mica, bauxite, rare earth elements, titanium ore, chromite, natural gas, diamonds, petroleum, limestone, arable land USA:
Coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, rare earth elements, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc, petroleum, natural gas, timber Note: the US has the world's largest coal reserves with 491 billion short tons accounting for 27% of the world's total.

5. Forest area
Forest area is land under natural or planted stands of trees of at least 5 meters in situ, whether productive or not, and excludes tree stands in agricultural production systems (for example, in fruit plantations and agroforestry systems) and trees in urban parks and gardens. Data for Year 2012

INDIA| 22.8%|
USA| 33.2 %|

6. Gross domestic product (GDP)
GDP is the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. The gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the primary indicators of a country's economic performance. It is calculated by either adding up everyone's income during the period or by adding the value of all final goods and services produced in the country during the year. GDP is not to be confused with gross national product (GNP) which allocates production based on ownership. The monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time period, though GDP is usually calculated on an annual basis. It includes all of private and public consumption, government outlays, investments and exports less imports that occur within a defined territory. GDP = private...
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