Computer Summary

Topics: Internet, Computer, History of the Internet Pages: 3 (515 words) Published: October 9, 2014
50 questions
True and false
Multiple choice
Chapter 1
  Talks about technology and the world. Technology has an impact in the political world like he arab no se que, some groups are trying to use technology to put thei views like USHANDI program.   QR codes page 9

  Mega bites and bytes
  Are there being censored social consumption in panama or Us? No! In venezuela? Yes   Are people being fired in the US for social media indiscretions? YES   What are the digits of the binary system? 0 1

  Social Media= twitter, fb, ec
  Internet = worlds largest public computer network
  Page 16!! DATA MINING- what is it? When companies and stores wnt o know about cusomers buing patterns, they use data mining.   LAW ENFORCEMENT – Forensic – security against worms viruses bugs and spyware   IT – Infomation tecnology

  IP- Internet protocol
  Software are the instructions that make the computer work   Computers can have feelings? No – Affective computing   Everyhing is stored using binary system. Videos are store using binary nummbers? YESS   Input devices are stuff u put inside ur computer

Chapter 2
  Camaras is input device
  Data when is organized in a way it has value is called information.   Anything that is on the computer, words, etc, everything can be digitalized.   When a powerful computer sustains many users its called a server.   When many different proccesors are put together to create the most powerful computers – its called a Supercomputer.   Computer in your car – embedded computer

  A digital machine that creates data and process it and presents in like information – computer.   A computer you can take on and carry on bags- laptop, etc   What is a megabyte – 1 million bytes

  Gigabyte – 1 billion
  Above from the dvd and cds, which has the most capacity to store? BLU RAY!!!!! ITS COMING   Information managing system....
  Public computers that present info to you...
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