Crm and Dm Drogerie Markt

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Title: DM Drogerie Markt and CRM

Company – brief description

Dm drogerie markt owns and operates drug stores. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in Wels, Austria. It is one of the biggest drug stores in central and eastern Europe. Nowadays there are more than 2.500 stores in 11 countries around Europe. There are more than 369.000 employees all together. There are about 70 stores opened in Slovenia. Their offer encompasses: beauty, health, baby, photography and household products. There is also additional offer, such as: pet food, textile and seasonal offer. Besides diverse offer, they have 21 own labels, all under name “Moja znamka”. They are especially aware of the offer of natural cosmetics and healthy diet.

The challenge
We have found a very good article about dm’s CRM system. Although we suppose that the article is written about the dm’s headquarters, we assume that the CRM system is the same in Slovenia or at least very similar. Dm-drogerie markt has more than 2000 outlets, and is one of the leading drug stores in Europe. They wanted to speed up communication, because markt senior management, regional managers, advisors for training and development and project managers responsible for new store construction are often away on business. And so they have decided to rely on mobility. In the fall of 2006, their internal IT service provider FILIADATA GmbH set up a test project. This first, test project, was somehow too complicated. They needed 30-40 minutes for the initial configuration and the employees had to bring their devices to them in person each time they wanted to change their network settings. So they found out that the system wasn’t productive. So they decided to find a software solution that allows central administration of all devices while also making it possible to automate routine tasks such as software updates and distribution. The possibility was to test the ubiSuite Mobile Device Management solution, because they have had a good experience with them before. They could manage everything over the mobile network, without having to handle the devices physically, as they had to do before. In May of 2008 the FILIADATA team at the dm-drogerie markt set up the ubi-Suite server on VMWare and linked it to an SQL database. Before they had only about 10 devices configured, because the process was so long-lasting, and with the new system they administered 80 user devices. Their investment paid for itself in 6 months.

The benefits of the new system are;
- the complete setup takes under ten minutes (it used to take 40); - before this system, the employees had to come I to the main office and now they have the access to the e-mails, appointment and contacts within a very short period; - Software updates and applications such as antivirus software can be conveniently distributed to company PDAs via cellular networks

- automated inventory: The ubi-Suite server provides administrators with an overview of software installed on company devices. This gives them control over everything. Automation gives every device the same settings.

- Security and Productivity (Key benefits): Communication is faster because employees can now access their e-mail, contacts and appointments away from the office, making them more productive. They can answer their e-mails, create and change appointments and contacts, no matter where they are. Updated business data is synchronized with the company server.

- Another security feature: If an employee loses his PDA, the internal IT team can lock the device. This prevents company information from being compromised.

How to collect data
The obvious choice is a loyalty card, and this is also the present choice of dm-drogerie markt. Nowadays almost every company has its loyalty card, with which they try to keep the customers and offer them different privileges. But the problem is that as soon as one company offers something new, the competitors...
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