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The Pre-Socratic, Platonic and Aristotelian cosmologies all have the common ground of the four elements, and the elements helping to define their cosmology. The Pre-Socratics were the first to attempt to assemble the tools to answer some of the “how” questions, along with being the first thinkers to look at cosmology as not only a theories but as physics. All Pre-Socratics shared the same 2 categories but between Heraclitus and Parmenides had a slightly different view and opinion on the two categories. Plato along with the four elements believes in the Divine Craftsmen along with the receptacle universe. Lastly, Aristotelian cosmology is the geocentric cosmology that the earth is round and stationary at the center of the universe and the stars formed the sphere around it. Pre-Socratic intellect

The Pre-Socratic Heraclitus was born in Ephesus, Turkey. The Pre-Socratics were interested in the nature of the physical world. The Pre-Socratics shared the same ideas that everything usually includes truth of mathematics and laws of physics and secondly they said that category two includes observable phenomena, human beings and their bodies and institutions. Heraclitus claims that the human perspective law must also harmonize with the divine law that everything has a rational explanation (logos). Heraclitus believed that fire forms the basic materials in the orderly universe. Heraclitus idea of flux strongly influences Plato’s idea that one can only have knowledge about the constant it does not matter how they may appear. One could agree with the idea of the Pre-Socratics, as one might not believe we can be certain what exactly is beyond the universe. We cannot perceive the order of the universe. In general, there must be a rational explanation for all based on the observations made and the scientific testability to back it up.

Plato’s ideas
Plato was born 427 BCE to 347 BCE. Plato believes in the divine craftsmen as the four elements are...

References: The Book of the Cosmos
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