Creature Comforts

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Creature Comforts

Creature comforts are a business that uses physical and technological resources to run their business. Physical resources are resources that can you can see and touch physically such as buildings and technological resources are those that use technology such as patents. Human resources can also be used to help run a business.

Greg Simpson would need to think about physical resources such as: Buildings and facilities Materials and waste
These would all need to be taken into consideration when running creature comforts. The buildings are materials, materials and waste would be the Creature Comforts shop which would be a place for him to sell the products he has such as pet food, pet toys etc... The security would help to make sure the shop is not burgled by setting up alarm systems and secure locks on the doors so ensure none of Gregs products are stolen from the shop. And if anything does get stolen as a result of security failure, Greg can claim it on the insurance so that no money is lost for Creature Comforts. These resources would benefit creature comfort as a business. The shop would bring in income, security would try to preserve the income and the insurance would save the money if anything happened to it. Greg Simpson would need to think about technological resources such as: Intellectual property Accumulated Experience and skills

Greg would need to think about these things when running creature comforts. Creature Comforts wouldn’t need a great amount of technological resources as they are mainly a physical company. Intellectual property would be needed so that Greg has all his legal rights if anything goes wrong. Accumulated experience and skills using technology can help Greg when using things such as tills and ordering stock in for his shop. These technological resources would benefit Creature Comforts. Human resources are also a vital part in businesses. Human Resources are people than make up a company...
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