Customer Satisfaction

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Victory of any business rests on consumers who are willing to accept and pay for the products. The firms must be aware of what must be monitored continuously for assured success

According to Phillip Kotler “Satisfaction is a feeling of pleasure (or) disappointment resulting from comparing through perceived performance in relation to his her exception”.

Since customer satisfaction is an important goal of any marketing program it is necessary to establish factors which help satisfy the customers.

* Quality
* Fair price
* Economic & Efficient
* Efficient delivery
* Serious consideration After sales service

Meaning of customer Satisfaction


“He is not dependent o n us, we are depended on him. He is not an interruption of it. He is not an outsider on our business; he is a part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him; he is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.

In general sense, the most important reason for studying consumer behaviour is the significant role it plays in our lives much if our time is spent directly in the market place, shopping or engaging in other activities. Customers have to play a major role in protecting themselves from the clutches of the business men. Customers are governed more by attitudes and sentiments than by the impulse of the moment.

The customer will experience some level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction after purchasing the product. The marketer’s job does not end when the product is bought continues into the post purchase period.

A buyer is satisfied of dissatisfied with a purchase when is a relationship between the consumer’s expectation and product perceived performance. If the product matches customer expectations, the customer is satisfied. If it falls short, the customer is dissatisfied.

Today’s competitive market where customers have a choice of what, from whom & where to buy, if has become necessary to provide quality products. A quality product is one is designed to serve the customer needs and is devoid of any faulty companies that offer a fair price for a product which are better able to complete in the market.

A preference for a particular brand indications the customer attitude towards it. Hence, a company should endeavour to develop a set of favourable attitude of the customer towards its company and its product. In the recent year, there is a growing awareness among customers towards quality and health consciousness.

The marketing concept emphasises that it is not enough if a firm has customer orientation, if is essential that such an orientation lead to customer satisfaction. The concept underscores that no firm can afford to ignore the satisfaction of the customers, it counters the temptations of short sighted aptitudes towards customer satisfaction. It has been widely recognized that customer satisfaction. It has been widely recognized that customer satisfaction shall be the key to satisfying the organisational goals.

Among The Important Responsibilities of The Business To The Customers Are

* To do R&D, to improve quality, introduce better and new products. * To take appropriate steps to improve the imperfections in the distribution system. * To supply goods at reasonable prices even when there is a seller’s market. * To Ensure that the product supplied has no adverse effect on the customers * To provide sufficient information about the products.

* To avoid misleading the customer by improper advertisement. * To provide an opportunity for being heard & redress genuine grievances.


Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a publicly listed automaker in INDIA. It is a leading four-wheeler automaker manufacture in south a Asia. Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan holes a majority stake in the company. It was the first company in Indiatomass-produce and sell more than a million-produce and sell more...
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