Dear Doug

Topics: Philosophy, God, Christianity Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Dear Doug,
Reality, truth, and knowledge can only be rationally and logically explained through Biblical Christianity because it gives moral absolutes and a basis to explain these things. While naturalism relies on human reason and experience meaning they determine what is right and wrong, reality, and knowledge by human intuition and experiences in life. Truth and knowledge become relative with the removal of God because they no longer have a standard set and therefore set humanity as there standards. Reality becomes what people perceive it as and it is your responsibility to make something of your life, and you become the focus of everything instead of living your life for God. In regards to non-naturalism that also does not qualify as rationally and logically explained because that says everything is spirit and reality doesn’t actually exist. Your life experiences and inner feelings determine what is right rather than a moral standard for which we follow. Biblical Christianity separates the spirit and body and the physical and spiritual world, while non-naturalism denies the material world saying everyone’s conscience makes up God. So, therefore both worldviews are wrong because one denies the supernatural and the other says you make up the supernatural. And if you believe in a God then it becomes clear that we are not God because we make mistakes and we make mistakes in His eyes because he is the standard for moral absolutes, which are based upon his character.

Naturalism and Marxism are similar in that they both reject the idea of a God and rely on science as their basis for their beliefs. The difference in Marxism is the ideology of dialectical materialism, which says you have a thesis which is met with and antithesis to form a synthesis, which becomes the new thesis and it is met with another antithesis, and this process continues until a utopia is reached. A utopia is a state of life in which everything is perfect. Regular atheistic materialism is...
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