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Deconstruction Applied
Deconstruction entails a deep conceptualization of the text that focuses on the relationship between common binary oppositions, for instance, presence/absent, male/female, good/evil, beginning/end, masculine/ feminine and speech/ writing. As argued by the French philosopher Derrida, the Western Culture people have a tendency to think and express their thoughts in form of binary oppositions. A post-structuralist reading looks into this hierarchy in order to show that is not sustained throughout such works, or showing that the two terms are not oppositional but are interdependent and interrelated (Senatore 145). There is philosophical acknowledgement of the fact that what human beings experience and claim to know about this world appear just only as they are understood by the human mind. Hence, there is a division created between the mental appearance and the “things in themselves.” This sets stage for liminality of such work as incorporates division of the things and the words, condition of discourses for the appearance of things inside our knowledge or the systems of truth versus the real things in the material world. Furthermore Derrida’s prose is usually difficult since he is made aware of the problems of metalanguage, that is, the phrases, terms, metaphors and vocabulary as used in the description of culture and philosophy as expressed in words, and the turns and twists of metaphor and rhetoric we buy into when making and writing arguments (Wise 89). Deconstruction doesn’t mean demolition of truth or reality, but subverting illusions in our ideologies and language that pretend to raise unquestionable universal or natural grounds for belief and knowledge. This involves recognizing the metaphorics of beliefs and ideologies in challenging real-world policies, debates, politics that pretend to justify their rightness through a line of overloaded metaphors which can’t provide absolute foundations....
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