Topics: Sociology, Philosophy, Methodology Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: October 16, 2013
The See-Judge-Act Method and the Philippine K12 Values Framework Employing the See-Judge-Act Methodology in K12 Values Education in the Philippines
E. B. Garnace, Yahoo Contributor Network
Aug 29, 2013

The classic, non-neutral See-Judge-Act methodology makes values education propel young minds to action. It remains the most potent of all values educators' academic tools that can make students move from the league of passive knowledge receivers to the arena of informed active agents of change. Transplanting this practical methodology to an academic setting, however, makes the teacher's job a little bit difficult, as this praxis (practice oriented) method transforms itself into an instructional methodology working with a highly academic, handed-down DepEd framework. This is the part where concessions can be made (in a positive sense). In broad strokes, I see this concession stem from the following essential areas: DepEd and Values Education: Philosophical tradition: Personalism and Virtue Ethics DepEd: Educational Philosophy: Experiential Learning, Constructivism, Career Development DepEd: Discipline, Anchor: Ethics and Career Guidance

DepEd: Methodological Orientation: Existential, Constructivist, Vocationally oriented…Humanistic-Democratic based so it tends to be open, situational, and pragmatic versus

See-Judge-Act: Philosophical tradition: Social Action
S-J-A: Educational Philosophy: Social transformation, and Liberation S-J-A: Discipline, Anchor: Catholic theology, Social Teachings of the Church S-J-A: Methodological Orientation: Doctrinal, a conscience-based orientation (personal, moral, social)…Absolute, Universalist based so it judges the bad to be condemned and uphold the good I see some ways to reconcile the two approaches interplayed in instructional situations. Retaining this hybrid approach structures every instructional activity with bit of eclecticism that creativity and ingenuity must try to cohere and cement. While the DepEd framework...
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