Dependence on Technology Today

Topics: Computer, Technology, World Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Megan Knight
Ms. Hughes
AP English
11 April 2013
Dependence on Technology Today
Technology is a wonderful thing. In many ways, technology is how we enjoy life in a comfortable and effortless way. But often, the questions rise, does our reliance of technology go too far? Or can it just be viewed as a mere tool for social development? How would the human population cope if there was a power outage of some sort someday? All these questions can be thought upon and thought upon, but the simple truth is, that civilization has become too dependent on technology in this day and time.

Have you noticed how people cannot live without their cell phones today? It's not just how we use technology, but also how we tend to obsess over it constantly. I also plead guilty as well; but if we are not talking on them, then we are checking for a message that wasn't there two minutes ago. Researchers from the University of Glasgow found that half of the study participants reported checking their email once an hour, while some checked it up to thirty to forty times an hour. People can barely stand to be out of touch for even a couple minutes it seems. Also, consider Kindles for example. People are spending hundreds of dollars on electronic devices just to read a book on, when you can simply buy the book you want for two or three dollars at a local Dollar General for instance.

Computers are truly a great thing. They help simplify life and help gain more information. Anything you want to know, all you have to do is type it into a computer. Although, computers are not always the right choice for solving problems. While some believe that there are unhackable computer systems, in fact, there are not. Until there is a system of the such, putting all your bits and pieces of information into a computer file seems a bit short sighted. Think of all the unfortunate possibilities that could occur in the future. Imagine a power outage. How could civilization even function without...

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