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Castro, Jim Victor C. DMA1

Reflection on Mediamorphosis

Mediamorphosis is quite amazing. It shows that we humans are a rapidly improving species, every year advancing to technological perfection in order to suit the needs of the world. Innovators all around are developing new technology, and implementing them in various ways. This technology used to seem like impossible witchcraft back in the old days, but now, it is becoming a fast approaching reality.

Learning more about the subject, however, I have discovered that all of this amazing technology has been in the works for a long time. Getting consumers, and eventually, society to accept and adopt these new high tech things takes much more innovation and marketing than I initially thought. Then there is also the issue of making such complex products which take years of funding and development affordable to the public. There is also the issue of following up on these products, should they become successful, in order to meet the standards and expectations of all of these people who don’t really care about how much effort you are putting into all of this. It’s madness, but that’s reality. As amazing as Mediamorphosis is, it’s one hell of a crazy rollercoaster ride.

I suppose you could compare Mediamorphosis to the theory of evolution. It’s all about adapting in order to survive. Only this time, it’s for technology. Products need to adapt to the needs of society in order to survive. If a product, say, a cellphone, is highly successful at one point in time. Society changes its needs, and while other no-name cellphone companies adapt to that need, but said successful cellphone sticks to its guns rather than adapt to the change. It surely dies out and becomes extinct.

The ‘live or die’ nature of Mediamorphosis makes it important for creators and innovators of new technology to not just work on their product’s tech,...
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