Disadvantage of Technology

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Disadvantage of Technology

Hidden camera

We have stepped into the 21st century and the world has given us some unbelievable technology that sometimes it seems to be a dream. But when we look at the backside of the latest technology, we find that we have made these technologies for our destruction if wrongly used by the wrong people. If the people of the world use these technologies in a right way, we all are going to be benefited out of it , but if the motive of a human being is not positive, he can enter your extreme privacy by misusing the technology and hiding it in the camera to en-cash it for money when the time comes for him and hiding it in the camera to en-cash it for money when the time comes for him. Here I am talking about some of the worst phases of the technology we do have like a violation of your privacy by someone unknown to you.

With the advancement in latest technology, we have to face many disadvantages out of the benefit of modern technology such as a stress factor, hectic life, fear of nuclear war, cyber crime and high growth of eye disease, increase of body weight and new transportation technology which has brought pollution and congestion in major cities. As we all know that we have entered an era of new/ modern technology world which is equipped with super technology software through which we can work without employing person power. On the other side, a new technology invented by the scientists have armed them with a technology which can destroys a city in seconds with mere pushing of a button. Similarly, the advance technology has created thousand of cases of cyber crimes, cheating and fraud which is making our life likes hell. Beside it is driving our children towards the danger zone where they are getting materials which are harmful for them. But despite knowing the side affects of these technologies, we are now making ourselves fully dependant on it.

May be someone watching you in the bathroom, washroom, trial room or your...
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