Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Modern Technology Is Creating a Single World Culture

Topics: Culture, Technology, Sociology Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 27, 2012
Modern technology is bringing people closer and closer. Internet, TV and faster transportation are examples of modern technology. These technology help people to communicate and share information in an easier way. I disagree with the statement that modern technology is creating a single world technology. The interned and computer bring I believe that culture still most influence people. I believe that inherit culture and norm still have greater influence to people. Even though new culture has been created, people will only adjust that new culture to their old culture. It is impossible to create a single culture among various cultured people. People will maintain their own culture because it identifies who they are. Especially, ancient cultural people, they will conserve their civilization to distinguish themselves from others.

Additionally, the development of technology aims to comfort people. People only use it to make their life more convenient not to change their belief, custom or ways of life. For example, in the past people use post office service to send season's greeting cards. After the available of wired communications, people send short phone messages, e-cards and emails instead of the traditional cards. Therefore, we can conclude that they still hold on their culture. They only use technology to facilitate themselves.

More significantly, the availability of modern technology is unequal throughout the world. Modern technology is accessible mostly in big cities. If the modern technology forms a new culture, it will affect only small area not the whole world. The rural people will not involve on this changes. Hence, we cannot say that technology is developing a single world culture because it has an impact on particular regions. To illustrate, a new culture related to computer has been emerged. People who gain access to computer will only get this culture. People who do not even know how to use computer will not adopt this new culture.

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