Education Philisophy Outline and Rational

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Education Philosophy Outline and Rationale

Education Philosophy Outline and Rationale


Aristotle's metaphysics included Ontology (study of existence), Natural Theology (Study of God), and Universal Science (causality, relations, interactions, etc.)

Major Branches

Theology: What is God? Is there a God, and if so, what is its purpose/ Cosmology: Where did the universe come from, and what is it comprised of? Determinism/Free Will: To what extent are people responsible for their actions? To what extent are events predetermined by past events? The nature of space and time: Is space defined by the objects in it (relational) or is space like a container that exists separately from the objects in it.

Educational Philosophy

Metaphysics holds the big questions: why are we here? What is the meaning of life? All learning must be filtered through questions of our relationship to the universe. Children are inherently egocentric so must be taught to look outside themselves for context.

Relevant educational philosophies

Idealism: reality is based on ideal conceptions of the universe Realism: Education is grounded in the "real world" but reaches out to greater questions that help structure knowledge.


1902: Paul Lapie & E. von Harmann on the discipline of the nature of values

Major questions
Good vs bad: what is quality?
Right vs wrong: overlaps with ethics
Interesting vs dull: overlaps with epistemology (what is worth knowing?)


Educational philosophy

Assessment is based in the concept of high-quality vs low-quality work and learning Evaluation is one of the highest order learning objectives. It asks children to determine the quality of works presented Analytical reasoning always separates good thought from bad thought. The Protestant Work Ethic which forms the values basis for schools (work hard and be rewarded) is based in quality of work and effort.

Relevant educational philosophies:
Perennialism: focus on subjects, topics, and works of literature that have passed the test of time.


Logic was dominated by Aristotelian syllogistic logic until the mid 1800's when symbolic logic was introduced. Symbolic logic uses structures of statements and arguments, along with mathematical notation.

Common topics include
Fallacies: common errors in argumentation
Set theory: inference based on Euler and Venn diagrams
Validity of arguments: proofs from first principles, using a series of statements that follow from given axioms.

Educational philosophy
Logic is absolutely essential for the study of higher math, composition, and computer science. Logic is one of the core values of education. Critical thinking is a subject to itself.

Relevant educational philosophies
Pragmatism, Logic and the scientific method are both based in using evidence to come to logical and valid conclusions.


Plato considered the question of beliefs with or without justification. Modern epistemology began with James Fredrick Ferrier in the mid-1800s.


Common topics include
Prepositional knowledge from empirical knowledge (wissenschaft vs kenntnis) Knowledge vs beliefs. Beliefs may come true, but there was no certainty to them. Truth vs Knowledge. Things may be true, but still unknown.

Educational philosophy
What is worth knowing? Teaching facts in isolation is not sufficient to constitute learning. Students must learn to separate their beliefs from their knowledge; not only to know but to know how they know.

Relevant educational philosophies
Essentialism takes a strict stance on the question of what knowledge is worthwhile.

I can implement metaphysics in the classroom by referring many questions back to larger issues such as the purpose of life, faith, and belief. The educational theory at work here is "realism", which says that education is grounded in the real world...
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