Education Technology Integration Why 1:1+

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Education Technology Integration

Why 1:1+

Murray Miller

School IT Services

What we do
Research and test educational technology tools
Purchase and maintain technology infrastructure
Support student and faculty with academic use of technology
Strengthen relationships with other private school technology departments  
Who we are
A multi-disciplinary team committed to excellence
Our mission: Support innovative academic work in a stable technology environment Our goal: Transform technology use across campus

Prior Experience

Ten years of developing, implementing, and deploying a successful 1:1 laptop program for Grades 6 through 12 Benefits:
Academic Return On Investment (AROI) was very high
Typically 1-4 hour repair turnaround, loaners provided during extended repairs Seamless user adoption
Full network technical visibility
Student user management: teachable moments re responsible use Teachers quickly recognized and embraced additional teaching technologies Cost: School-purchased machine was provided. Parents covered the expense of notebook, extended warranty, accidental damage coverage, and on-site service for a three-year period.

Game Plan

Create a 1:1 program that attracts leading educators and staff with outstanding technological expertise and capabilities. Fully leverage our existing Microsoft School Agreement by including students. Windows software will be available to all faculty and students, standardized across all notebooks. Improve confidence in IT Services by reducing user frustration, loss of notebook use, and the number of troubleshooting instances. Transfer time spent on troubleshooting and repair to improving faculty and student computer literacy.

What is 1:1+?

Each student uses a standardized, robust notebook/tablet researched and chosen by the School. Secondary devices are welcome outside of the classroom. Notebook has an operating system and education-based software ideally suited for the classroom environment Students are required to bring their School-distributed notebooks to class as essential learning tools Program is complimented by the use of OneNote, an electronic notebook that: Organizes student work

Supports annotations
Allows easy file sharing with teachers
Belongs to Microsoft Office suite

How does 1:1 work?

We contact known, preferred manufacturer representatives to provide demo notebooks for use in the education sector. The most suitable notebook is negotiated for purchase in as large quantities as possible for cost savings. Deployment

In collaboration with School pedagogy, software requirements are confirmed. A letter is sent to parents new to the program describing the program, the costs, and mentioning the successes the program has enjoyed to date. We host an out-of-the-box event with students and available parents. At this event a notebook program overview is provided with a brief explanation of School technologies, infrastructure, and warranty with an emphasis on laptop care. This is followed by a Q&A session with the notebooks being distributed to the students after the AUP has been signed and returned. Maintenance

Past experience shows higher user satisfaction with a reduced overall cost in a school-based troubleshooting and repair environment. In a 1:1 program, any troubleshooting or required fixes apply to all machines, maximizing efficiency.

Benefits of 1:1 (overview)

Collective buying power
In-house student notebook repairs
Standardized support and training
Focus on working vs troubleshooting
Unified classroom experience
One notebook vs ~50 different types of devices
Improved teacher-student assistance

Collective Buying Power

What we do currently (BYOD)
Parents purchase machines for students at consumer outlets – no bulk cost savings Purchases are based on minimum-performance specifications and user preferences When not using a...
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