Effectiveness of Technology in Meat Production

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The Problem and Its Setting
Technology indeed has changed how most businesses are done today. Technological advancements have undergone in the last couple of years. More and more developments seem to be happening with great minds of people at work. The reality that business itself has become technology makes a difference when comparing it during the past decades. Technology has dramatically revolutionized the way businesses work. From traditional to automated, from simple to complex, these are all changes brought with the adaption of technology, making it a part of the underlying dimensions of establishing a successful business,

Every business has a different approach on what technological advancement they will engage to in order to make their businesses shift to a higher level; making it cream of the crop. Meat production business has certainly take part in the trend of bringing technology into their services. Discovering the unlimited potentials of the industry and serving it to its clients. Meat companies must catch up with the technological advancement today by bringing the state-of-the-art technology at their processing plants. With this, meat production companies need to maintain the quality and safety of the product they make as it is the one valued. It also serves as the foundation of where are they now.

In the Philippines, there are several meat companies today. Each of this company already located a way to revolutionize their production as they engage with technological changes. The effectiveness of technology on these companies is different as they dealt with the different techniques. Making the most high quality products, meat production companies might expand across countries, making it one of the top-of-the-line meat companies today. With this in mind, we, the researchers decided to conduct a study about the effectiveness of technology in meat production. The researchers have decided to discover the insights of CDO Foodsphere Inc. Background of the Study

More investments are made by meat processing companies to expand their operations in producing high-class products and possibly emerging globally. According to Secretary Salvador Salacup, “CDO’s utilization of modern machines and techniques, creation of new meat by-products and proper packaging, have contributed immensely to the realization of our goal of a stable supply of basic commodities at affordable prices.”

Through the years, CDO Foodsphere Inc. became one of the most well-known meat processing companies up-to-date. The processed meat products they make have become very much a part of modern diet of Filipinos. Industry stakeholders acknowledge the importance of this sector in providing cash flow within the country.

In contrast, there is a huge discrepancy in terms of level of mechanization among members of the processed meat industry. For small players, normally they would be 100% manual. For big players, level of mechanization range from 50-95%

The question on what effectivity does technology contribute to meat processing companies is raised by the industry’s stakeholders. And we, the researchers, will provide data for this problem. Setting of the Study

This study will be conducted in Bulacan, Philippines (Figure 1). The Philippines, a part of Southeast Asia is a tropical country with 7,107 islands. Meanwhile, CDO Foodsphere Inc. in El Camino Road, Sto.Niño, Meycauayan City, Bulacan (Figure 2) is the selected company for this study. It is a meat processing company that produces different kinds of frozen and processed products. CDO strives for consumer’s total satisfaction, driven, it searches for new products that would answer consumer’s needs as well as uplift their lives with new discoveries.

Figure 1 Map of Bulacan

Figure 2 Map of CDO Foodsphere Inc. in El Camino Road, Sto.Niño, Meycauayan City, Bulacan Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
This study will be guided by Marx’s Historical Materialism...
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