effects of globalization on the automotive industry

Topics: Globalization, Automobile, Automotive industry Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: February 3, 2014
 D.Q 1 Globalization is the acceleration and extension of interdependence of economic and business activities across national boundaries (Oded Shenkar. Yadong Luo). Over the years globalization has had its effects in different aspects of the economy and this has brought about different views as regards globalization. Globalization can be seen in different terms. For example financial globalization, economic globalization. Economic globalization is the increasing economic interdependence of national economies across the world through a rapid increase in cross border movement of goods, services, technology and capital. Globalization is centered on the rapid development of science and technology and increasing cross border division of labor (Sergio L. Schmukler, 2004). Globalization has led to a lot of improvements in different countries around the globe, but in most cases, these improvements have come at a cost to these countries. In some countries manufacturing companies have set up their manufacturing plants in other countries and these plants bring about air pollution in the environment which can be dangerous to the health of human beings in that environment. At the same time due to globalizations, some developing countries have being able to increase their revenue. According to Oded Shenkar and Yadong Luo, one of the major advantages of globalizations is the reduction in prices of goods and an increasing blurred national identity for products and services. This brings us to look at one aspect of globalization that has greatly influenced every aspect of the word and human life today i.e. the global automotive industry. The invention of cars has made life easy for humans today. The benefits gotten from this invention are too numerous to mention. Countries go into partnership with other countries...
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