Effects of Mass Media

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Negative Influences of Media on the Society
There is no doubt that the media influences us. To state some examples to prove this claim, try answering the questions that follow. Do you feel like attempting a stunt from a movie? Do you base your fashion on what you see the celebrities are wearing? Do you copy the hairstyle of your favorite famous personalities? Have you ever attempted to walk model-like in an attempt to imitate those ramp models in fashion shows? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is accepting the influence on media in your life. However, it is important to dwell on the negative influences of media because these can change the dynamics of the society for the worse.

The media affects the way we act and think. It has a profound influence on the behavior of its audience. When people try to imitate something we had seen or heard, are they capable enough to distinguish between right from wrong? Young people often imitate their role models blindly. What is being highlighted in the entertainment industry is the wrongdoings of these celebrities whom the young people idolize. And because they are heroes in the youth’s minds, they are still celebrated despite the bad behavior they have been showing to the public.

This highlighting of the media is a negative effect on society. They satiate the people’s hunger for trivial information and rumors. They create buzz by hyping the issues with flowery words and provoking descriptions. Controversies are created left and right to get the attention of people.

Another negative influence of media is eating disorders. A significant number of youth nowadays are suffering from eating disorders attributable to unhealthy lifestyles that are emerging. The television programs, movies, and even print materials often showcase this lifestyle as fun activities despite their negative effect on health. Media hypes the acceptability of vices.

It has also been observed that children nowadays do not do...
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