Effects of Modern Technology Among Students

Topics: Education, Technology, High school Pages: 14 (3792 words) Published: January 29, 2013

In the knowledge economy it is appropriate to revise the approach to teaching and learning in

unpredictable environment in which wider numbers of societies function. The

traditional approach to learning and teaching cannot be sufficient, precisely because of

unstable conditions in which the gaining knowledge comes to use. In the age of globalization

and digitization of social and economic life it has become a very important need of skilful and

flexible use of ever more sophisticated tools and technologies. At once, thanks to

modern technologies, acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualifications has become faster,

easier and more efficient. In this paper it has been made an aim to estimate the use of

modern technologies, in particular internet, such as: amplified reality, videoconferences

online in real time, strategic games, social networking sites or books on-line, enabling the

creation of knowledge and skills, which may be an element of value innovation in higher

schools. There were made the differentiation of use of new technologies in higher schools, and

it was shown their benefits, both from the view of the recipients of educational services, and

from the point of view of the universities in Philippines and other countries. There were

analyzed the student’s opinions about the benefits and the major problems associated with the

use of modern technologies described in this paper

Table of Contents

Chapter I Introduction



The reason why we chose this topic “The Use of Modern Technology On highschool”, the main purpose of this paper was approximating the benefits and main problems connected With the use of modern technologies, in particular internet, such as: augmented reality, Videoconferences on-line in real time, strategic games, social networking sites and on-line Books, from viewpoint of students in context of their use as an element of value innovation in High schools. The pilot researches show that from students' viewpoint most benefits of the use of modern Internet technologies are connected with the use of the Internet itself. Other technologies are Perceived as a novelty which use is not still associated with more substantial benefits. This is Probably due to the fact that they are not still commonly used in higher education, especially in smaller and less prestigious higher schools in Quezon City. The major problems which were pointed out by respondents were lack of contact face-to-face, Difficult access to lecturers, high costs of using, lack of appropriate equipment and Unreliability of information. From students’ point of view the most important advantages of new technologies for higher Schools are more attractive courses, faster flow of information and easier contact with Students.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Modern   technology has rapidly changed our world.   It improves the length and quality of life. Although modern   technology brings     an enormous number of benefits for mankind, it causes   many harmful effects as well. At first, we need to mention self phones.   If   we use self phones so much, our memory will be   seriously affected because radiations from self phones   damage brain cells. This     can lead to cancer. In addition, nowadays, many students overuse self phones. They are keen on sending and receiving messages   without concerning about their study. As a result, their study results are not good. The development of technology also leads to many negative   impacts on our environment. There are numerous modern vehicles                 which release many toxic   gases in the atmosphere such as automobiles, motobiles, trucks,   and trains. The industries   burn fuels such as oil, coal. The processes of burning fuels   also produce a...

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