electronic notice board using GSM

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SMS based Wireless Notice board
with Monitoring system

Nivetha S. R, Pujitha. R, Preethi Selvaraj & Yashvanthini S.M Electronics and Communication Engineering, Avinashilingam University for Women-Engineering College Coimbatore, India
E-mail : nivetharathinaswamy@yahoo.com, pujithaece17692@gmail.com, reetuzafira@gmail.com, yashumaheshkumar@gmail.com

controller. The messages stored in the computer acts as
a record for future reference.

Abstract – This project is designed using ARM-LPC2148
interfaced with Graphical Display. At present, when
information has to be updated in a notice board, it has to be done manually. Also in present electronic systems, no matter how many displays are present, only a single notice can be
sent to all of the notice boards irrespective of their places. In order to overcome this disadvantage, multiple displays along with a decoder are used to select a particular display and the corresponding information is sent through an ARM

controller by using GSM technology. The entries can be
documented and a record may be maintained for future use
by using visual basic. The controller has internal a real time clock used for synchronization of data. A resistive touch
screen is used to access the previous notices and also
progress details. The monitoring system consists of an image sensor which captures the images for the specified amount of time and the images can be transferred through an USB port
to a PC for storage purposes.

The monitoring system includes a micro-miniature
camera which would be capable of acquiring 3 mega
pixel color images, transfer them on to a personal
computer through a Universal Serial Bus (USB) link,
and also store the image in a micro SD card after
applying an image compression algorithm. The report
explains how a raw image data is captured by a CCD
sensor and interfacing of the sensor with an ARM7
We are using LPC2148 which is an Advanced RISC
Machine. It is a 32 bit controller which follows Von
Neumann architecture. It has a 3 way pipelining and a
memory of 4GB along with two UARTs. Many external
peripherals can also be interfaced with ARM if required,
such as CAN controller interfacing.

Keywords – LPC2148, GSM, e-notice board, monitoring



This is an embedded based project. An embedded
system is a combination of hardware and software and
perhaps other mechanical parts designed to perform a
specific function. A Notice Board is a very essential
device in any institution / organization or public utility
place like bus stations, railway stations and parks. The
main aim of this project is to design an SMS driven
automatic display which reduces the manual operation
[1]-[4]. The information can in turn be updated instantly
at the desired location. Updates can be done in
individual displays without disturbing other displays.
The message to be displayed is sent as an SMS to a
GSM receiver module. This message is then stored in
PC and is sent to the LCD displays through the

We preferred ARM over PIC because of its faster
response i.e. it operates at a speed of 60 MHz and also
due to its interrupt priority feature. It consumes less
power and is used in applications were miniaturization
is of paramount importance. Since we are using both the
UARTs it is necessary to prioritize the event occurring
in the controller. A real-time clock which operates at 32
KHz is in-built in the controller.
A 16x2 character LCD with black text on green
background display is used. Being sufficiently wide it
serves the purpose of a notice board display screen. It
operates at 5V DC with a duty cycle of 1/16. Multiple
ISSN (Print) : 2278-8948, Volume-2, Issue-3, 2013


International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering, (IJAEEE)

LCD displays are used among which any one display
can be chosen for displaying the...

References: Conference Publications on Jan. 2007
Fig. 4 : Block diagram of SMS based wireless notice board
ISSN (Print) : 2278-8948, Volume-2, Issue-3, 2013
ISSN (Print) : 2278-8948, Volume-2, Issue-3, 2013
ISSN (Print) : 2278-8948, Volume-2, Issue-3, 2013
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