Electronic waste solutions

Topics: Technology, Solving the E-waste Problem, Effect Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: April 7, 2014

The increasing technological advances in humanity allows people to accomplish achievements that would previously be impossible. The ability to communicate with anyone, no matter where they are with something that can fit in your pocket is an amazing technology that is continually improving. This constant improvement and convienences don't come without a downside though. With these electronic technologies becoming cheaper and more expendable it creates a situation where the disposal of these electronics. Electronic waste problems are not just of where you dispose of it, but also how it effects the area around the dump site. Studies have shown that, “heavy metals pollution of groundwater, soil, and plants is an issue of environmental concern, especially when e-waste is involved”(Olafisoye, 7). With electronic waste continuing to grow this pollution is only going to get worse and effect the land on which humanity and other species rely on. In order to try to help this situation many people attempt to fix the situation in different ways. The way people try to remedy the situation depends not just on what they are able to do, but also on how they view the problem and the nature that is effected. Someone that sees nature through art would try to help differently than someone that sees nature through technology. Add Thesis Statement

The way that a person that looks at nature through art would try to assist the problem of electronic waste would be less about solving the problem on a large scale, but to spread awareness by helping on a smaller scale. They are able to do this by creating art using electronic waste. “Many use recycled items, but often these works carry simplistic messages about consumer culture”(Kenins, 1). Not only are they able to keep some of the waste from going to the dumps by making it into art, but the artwork also creates demonstration to people about electronic waste and bring awareness to the problem. Examples of this can be seen in...
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