Elevated Parking Lot

Topics: Parking, Parking space, Multi-storey car park Pages: 4 (993 words) Published: February 21, 2014
 Saint Pedro Poveda College
English 4

Request for Elevated Parking lot in Saint Pedro Poveda College Carlos Miguel, Aries Pinto, Kristianne Sepacio

I. Elevated Parking lot

Parking is an important aspect of the transportation system as it is an efficient means of storing vehicles while they are not in use, and it causes little disruption to the neighbouring roadways. It also ensures the comfort of the people who want their vehicles to be secured to prevent mishaps or accidents. A multi-storey car park (also called a garage parking structure) is therefore recommended given that it is designed for car parking where a number of floors or levels are available for the motorists’ use. It is essentially a stacked car park. II. Concept

The group would like to propose an elevated parking lot in Saint Pedro Poveda College. Our school lacks parking space for teachers, students and other school personnel. In response to the desire of the students of Saint Pedro Poveda College to bring their own vehicle to school, the group came up with a proposal of having an elevated parking lot inside the school which is guarded and safe. The school has its parking lot inside the campus but it is only for the use of the teaching and non-teaching staff.  SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROPOSAL

Why does this group want to build a parking space for the teachers, staff and students? It is common for schools to have its own parking space for their staff and students. Hence, we would like to build a parking lot or commonly known as off-street parking, for teachers, staff and students so they may experience the comfort of having their own vehicles situated inside the school premises which is guarded and safe. This parking lot will be safe as it will be positioned near the guard house of the school. In addition, the school will have enough parking space limiting the people to be disturbed should their cars be blocking the way....
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