Emerging Technology

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Table of Contents
2.0Recent Developments in Technology2
3.0Mobile Technology3
3.1Development of Mobile Technology3
3.2Benefits of Mobile Technology4
3.3Predicted Impacts of Mobile Technology to the Society4
4.0Computer Technology5
4.1Development of Computer Technology5
4.2Benefits of Computing Technology to the Society7
Assignment 2: Managing Impacts of Information Technology on environment9

Assignment 1: Developments in Technology
This report will cover up the broad definition of technology, its development and impacts to the modern society. The main purpose of this report is actually to analyze the current developments in technology available in the modern world and to discuss the predicted impacts of the specific current technological developments, either it be positive impacts or negative impacts. Technology is an equivocal term that can be elaborated based on one’s understanding. Among all the definitions available in the net and book, technology can be defined as the process of modifying, making, using and applying the knowledge of tools, machines, science and mathematical theories, in providing a solution to a specific problem as well as performing a specific function. Meanwhile, the concept of development is often defined as the growth of a specific process. This term however is an ambiguous term, which has no specific meanings and can be defined with different perspectives. Normally, development is related to the process of adding improvement to a certain project in order to achieve a specific objective that often gives positive impact to developer, target users and environment. Combining the two terms together, technological development can be defined as the improvement or alteration in the level of modern technologies that is mainly done to change the living standard of people up to a desired stage. 2.0Recent Developments in Technology

Looking into wide areas around the world, there are many technological developments that can be found. These developments are made to accommodate people desires and needs, but the most significant reason for these developments is to improve the quality and living standard of people. Examples of recent developments in technology include the mobile technology and the computing technology (Thadani, 2012). The discussion upon these two developments can be referred to the next subsequent sub-topics. 3.0Mobile Technology

Mobile technology (abbreviated Mobitech) represents the use of various kinds of technologies that emerge to give a blistering as well as distinct cellular communication. Mobile technology is one of the most popular technologies that show an apparent development. This technology was first invented in the year 1973 by a man named Martin Cooper (Arraycomm, n/d). This invention has moved the communication of the world into the next level. 3.1Development of Mobile Technology

The rate for demand in the communication has increased ever since telegraph was first invented. The world has demanded for a faster respond in communication, allowing the people to be updated with the world’s current development. This in turn results in many communication engineers to be alerted and responded by improving the mobile technology. From the invention of the first generation of mobile communication standard (G), the world is now updated with the latest fourth generation of digital network communication (4G) that promises a better and blistering connection. From the beginning of the millennium world, developments in mobile technology have clearly showed constant improvements in the standard mobile device. These developments are not specific to the design of the mobile device itself but also its functionality, performance ability and specifications. From a simple “retrieve and reply” pager, the modern world is now furnish with a cellular device that...

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