Emerging Trends of Technology

Topics: Robot, Robotics, Ilocos Norte Pages: 3 (264 words) Published: August 19, 2013
A.Emerging Trends and Technologies

1.Why some technologies are categorized as emerging?
a.Categories of technology

2.Identifying emerging technologies

a.Energy technologies
a.a Social Media and Web 2.0
a.b Big Data
a.c Mobile and Location-Aware Technology
a.d Cloud Computing and SaaS
a.e Sensor Technology
a.f In-Memory Computing
a.g IT and OT Convergence
a.h Advanced Metering Infrastructure
a.i Communication Technology
a.j Predictive Analytics


b.a. Rediscovering pods and personal transit
b.b. Predictive dynamic pricing
b.c. Crowdsourcing and the travel experience
b.d. Alternative fuels and improved fuel efficiency
b.e.Vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity
b.f. Dealing with financing constraints

c. Information Technology

c.a Cloud Computing
c.b Mobile Application
c.c User Interfaces
c.d Analytics

d. Biotechnology
e. Robotics
e.a Co-Robots
e.b 3d Sensing
e.c Cloud Robotics
e.d Compliant Actuation
e.e Smartphone-Based Robots
e.f Low-Cost Manipulation
e.g Self-Driving Vehicles
e.h Factory Robot Helpers
e.i Rapid Prototyping
e.j Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
e.k Telepresence Robots
e.l Bionics

f. Material Science

f.a. Industrial applications
f.b. analytical techniques
f.c. materials design
f.d. cost/benefit tradeoffs in industrial production of materials

3.Advantages and disadvantages of these technologies

Mariano Marcos State University
College of Business, Economics and Accountancy
Batac City, Ilocos Norte


Gene Richelle Bagaoisan
Mayrose Beneraba
Ely Rose Rasay
Arlie Saynes

Mr. Charito B. Julian

June 20, 2013
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