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SAMPLE – SWOT ANALYSIS (This sample is for guidance only)

SWOT analysis


In October 2010, the Pezu plant’s, Waste Heat Recovery Project successfully began its operations and since then it has been generating electricity for Lucky Cement Limited. Director’s Report, 2011

Lucky Cement Limited is involved in various social activities, operating state-of-the-art, not-for-profit hospitals, Tabba Heart institute and Aziz-Tabba Kidney Centre.

Lucky Cement Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified company, listed on all the three stock exchanges of the country and also on the London Stock Exchange.

For the transportation of bagged cement and coal from Karachi plant to seaport, 40 numbered trailers have been included into the fleet of Lucky Cement Ltd.’s logistic department. Director’s Report, Annual Report, 2012

Lucky Cement Ltd. is the only cement manufacturer to have its own loading and storage terminal at Karachi Port. It has exclusive supply chain with specialized loose cement carriers and ship loaders.

Lucky Cement Ltd. has support from the Yunus Brothers Group, one of Pakistan’s largest industrial conglomerates, with major interests in textiles as well as owning the largest cement manufacturer in the country.

Due to the location advantages of being in the South, it is not surprising to know that Lucky Cement Ltd. accounts for almost one-third of the total cement exports from Pakistan. The company caters to the Asian, Middle Eastern and African markets (i.e. India, Afghanistan, UAE and others).


Attock Cement Pakistan Limited is one of the largest cement making companies with the capacity of 1710,000 MT of clinker per annum is working on its full capacity and getting maximum profit from its resources. (, n.d.)

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited has attained ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000 certifications from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). This certificate enhanced the trust of the consumers and helped the company in constructive manner. (, n.d.)

EPS of Rs 5.86, showing a substantial 116 percent growth in comparison of EPS of Rs 2.72 last year. This will result in attracting the investment. It is an indicative that owners and managers can increase their productivity and business profit further. (, 2012) Attock Cement Pakistan Limited brand “FALCON cement” exceeds the international quality standards. Attock Cement Pakistan Limited maintain the leadership on the cement industry providing premium quality products and excellent service to their customers. This feature of Attock Cement Pakistan Limited gives it a competitive edge.

(, n.d.)

Capacity utilization of Attock Cement Pakistan Limited was 106% in FY11; this is a great achievement although there is depressive situation in the domestic and foreign cement markets. (Attock Cement Annual Report, 2011)


Indus Motor is the country's second largest auto manufacturer, after the Pak Suzuki Motors [] Toyota is the world’s largest automaker....
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