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Topics: Technology, Health care, Medicine Pages: 2 (305 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Essay Outline

Topic: The importance of technology in today’s society

Method of Development: Illustration
1. Introduction: Technology is a substantial part of people’s lives, and it is essential for people of all ages to understand the importance of technology in today’s society. Scientist and Researchers, who consistently look for ways to improve technology, are responsible for the remarkable progress in technology.

Thesis statement: The use of technology in today’s society is vital in the fields of business, education and health care.

2. Topic Sentence: In the first instance, the importance of technology in today’s society is vital in the fields of business.

A. Technology has changed the way businesses function.

B. Technology has assisted in the development of software that is important to businesses and has a day to day running much easier.

C. The development of communication has made a great impact on businesses.

3. Topic Sentence: Next, the importance of technology in today’s society has assisted in pioneering positive results within the educational sector.

A. Creative methods of learning and teaching have made this process minimal and more motivating.

B. The internet has become a useful source of information and carried a vast range of resources.

C. Teachers can use other technological developments as excellent resources.

4. Topic Sentence: Finally, the importance of technology in today’s society has played a fundamental role in the health care division.

A. Technology has assisted scientists and doctors with the development of diagnosing diseases.

B. Inventors of medical devices have also benefited considerably from the use of technology.

C. Medical instruments and equipment are as a result of technology.

Conclusion: Advanced technology has changed the way of living tremendously in today’s society. Being conscious of technology is necessary as it improves all areas of life, be it in business,...
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