Ethical Lens

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Ethical Lens Essay
October 14, 2012

My Ethical Lens Essay
My personal ethical Lens is the Rights-Responsibility and Results Lens. The lens says my core values are Autonomy and Rationality/Sensibility. The lens states, “You prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. Your primary concern is protecting individual rights. You believe this is the best way to assure that everyone in the community is treated fairly. You value rationality and sensibility equally. You believe that while there are universal principles, each situation is unique and not all exceptions can be categorized. For you the best solution is both consistent and flexible” ("Ethical Game", 2012). I feel this is correct as I do indeed feel everyone should be treated fairly. I also believe with the rationality portion as I don’t think everything is equal. We have to make choices and sometimes the different situations effect that choice compared to another situation. According to the ethics game, my blind spot is the belief that motive justifies method or your own good enough. I am not sure I agree with this point. It says, “Sometimes you fail to be accountable to those who are depending on you when you exercise your free will. So long as you’ve satisfied your own needs, you can become complacent, leaving problems unresolved in the long-term and everyone else to fend for themselves.  You may also unintentionally cause people upset and pain because you are so focused on your good motive, that you don’t see the problems with your method” ("Ethical Game", 2012). The reason I do not agree with is I am almost always concerned with other people’s happiness before my own. I rarely do not think through a situation and act something out just so I may gain from my decision. This is something defiantly for me to watch out for although I don’t see myself in this manner. My gift is Self-Knowledge and Free will. According to "Ethical Game" (2012), “Your gift to the community is balancing...

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