Exchange Rate Policy at the Monetary Authority of Singapore

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A Rebuttal on
“Exchange Rate Policy at the Monetary Authority of Singapore”

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A Rebuttal on
“Exchange Rate Policy at the Monetary Authority of Singapore”


The report and presentation we are about to criticize is extremely well done. We would like to say that we agree in almost every part since it was done in a very theoretical manner. Somewhat hard to criticize because it is book proof university knowledge. However, we will focus our critics on bringing actually the case nearer to the audience, since we believe it is far easier to keep in mind facts and figures rather than just theoretical background. The presentation was far away from the actual case, concerning Singapore. We missed specific data and facts about how it was highly interesting that, that small country created and managed its own monetary and exchange rate solution, and did a great job with it. We will be focusing on the special effects and consequences Singapore’s monetary policy brings with it, while using the original groups report as a baseline. We will somehow try to make it more approachable, by adding examples.

1. Why and how are capital and current account tied together so closely? This was answered clearly by the group. We already learned in class how these two aspects balance (or not). Still be would like to add how special the situation of Singapore was, because when we open our finance book, we will not find the case of Singapor. They had a positive CA and FA (financial account). This was possible mainly due to the high savings rate of people and the good economic development. (see graphic in presentation). Owing to its...
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