Facilitating Engaged Learning in the Interaction Age Taking a Pedagogically-Disciplined Approach to Innovation with Emergent Technologies

Topics: Technology, Education, Learning Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Facilitating Engaged Learning in the interaction Age Taking a Pedagogically-Disciplined Approach to Innovation with Emergent Technologies

• EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES – Technologies or leading edge of innovations which materialize or surface every once in a while and which are largely consistent with social trending from an information focus to an interaction focus and behavioral changes from passive to active and engaged learners. • ENGAGED LEARNING – is an educational strategy in which either part or all of the class objectives are learned by working on projects with a community partner. It relies heavily on team-work and the skills that promote effective team-building. • INTERACTION AGE – Era where digital networks have evolved from carrying data in a purely transactional sense to facilitating social interaction. • INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS – People who are engaged in preparing today’s learning environments and experiences, take a present-day look at aligning the two trajectories of technology and theory. • DIGITAL NATIVE STUDENTS – Students who are technologically sophisticated or even technologically inclined.

• The concept of engaged learning has roots in well-established and researched learning constructs such as interest, motivation and time on task. • Engaged learning is characterized as having high levels of active learner participation designed into the plan for learning. • There are eight indicators of engaged learning, vision, tasks, assessment, instructional model, learning context, grouping, teacher roles and student role. • Engaged learning has three group indicators: cognitive, emotional and social domains. • The shift from an Information Age to an Interaction Age underlies the importance of understanding learning and learning environments. 3. COMMENTS ON KEY IDEAS:

With the so much emerging technologies we experience...
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