Film Analysis: The Meatrix

Topics: Meat, Nutrition, Food Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Jusef C. Mangalindan


The short film, The Meatrix is all about the development of processed meats from the traditional way to the industrialized way. The development is caused by many factors, one of which is the increasing demand for meat products in the present day. While watching the video, I concluded that the producers are portraying an advocacy to discontinue the patronage of the said products.

The main point that the films are portraying is that, processed goods have different disadvantages with regards to food safety, health and animal cruelty. I agree to their points that in order to produce a big number of processed goods, they have to think of innovations on how to mass produce given that there is a demand in the market. The manufacturers need to follow the trend of a rising demand thus; they have to supply more in order to control the price of the goods.

Food safety. Yes, we are unaware on how these processed foods were prepared. The movie is a bit exaggerated in some parts. However, there is somewhat truth when it comes to the preparation in the manufacturing plants. I believe, it is the main reason why the government has rolled out different provisions when it comes to food sanitation.

Health. In connection to the first point, it is an important factor in the production of goods and services. The parties, the producers and the consumers, should promote health. Also, manufacturers should provide the right information to consumers with regards to health benefits.

Animal cruelty. The third point is also an important point to other people. We should all follow the procedures on how to treat these animals fairly. I am aware that there are corporations who violate certain laws with regards to animal cruelty. This should not be the case. I am in favor of those corporations who use the traditional way in taking care of their animal products.
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