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Technology Separates Young People from the Society
Kopol Debnath Dip
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Technology Separates Young People from the Society
Shudev my younger brother returns from college, I see him heads straight to his room directly now-a-days. Moreover, he is always busy with his stuffs for instance his mobile, play station or computer whenever I go to meet him. Though, he lives a busy life in going to two coaching after his college time but he manages to keep himself engaged in these things somehow. He rarely talks to us though we live in the same house. Even when we family members come to have lunch or dinner together, he seems to be busy in texting or talking with friends. It is like he has locked himself into his own world what we cannot understand though he is a part of our family. Besides, he does not share what he is doing, how his days are going on, nothing to us. It is not like he is the only one who is behaving like this, I have seen other young people like him is using these technological devices during class time such as playing games or doing unnecessary works. They are adapting these activities and loosing interests in their regular life. These young people are more likely getting separated from the society because they are using mobiles and other technological gadgets a lot; keep themselves busy with social networking overtime and involving in cybercrimes.

Initially, young people use technological gadgets especially mobiles in everywhere. Now-a-days mobiles are not only for communication. It has been developed immensely which can be compared with computers. Computers are such kinds of technologies which can gather huge amount of information and it also have a great influence on educational sector. Moreover, with the help of internet, the usage of computers boost to its highest level. Recently, mobiles like smart phones are compatible to many things that young people could do in computers. In getting information for study, people think these devices are helpful for students education but every invention’s bad usage are created automatically by the user. As it is all about education, now students adapt unfair means in examinations by their smart phones. For instance, as smart phones contain the application to read documents, students easily can copy lectures in the examinations. Furthermore, students use computers to change their poor grades to fool their parents. For example, I saw one of my college friends used this technique. He replaced the marks very well but in the long run he was the one who suffered. Similarly, media has a great influence over young people to ignore text books. “It’s changed young people’s assumptions about how to get an answer to a question” (Roberts, has cited Lewin, 2010). Because of technologies, students do not search answers from the text books though the questions are related to the text book, they search it in web which sometimes are not related to the text books. “I worry that young people won’t be able to summon the capacity to focus and concentrate when they need to” (Rideout, has cited in Stone, 2010). Looking at the screen for a long time might decrease the concentration on other things. Teenagers cannot focus to their studies as they keep busy with texting and calling their friends in phones. It is natural when a person focus too much on a certain thing then they will lose concentration on other matters. Young people are not that experienced to face all these tasks in such an early age. They are not mature enough to use technologies in every steps of their life or they might suffer in the long run. Prior to that, technology helps young people especially teenagers to communicate throughout the country and world. These help to build their communication power. They can get feedback easily when they want to know something. That is how they create a social bonding among others online. Recently, use of social networks is faster...
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