Findings, Conclusions, Recommendations and Scope for Further Research

Topics: Tata Motors, Automotive industry, Tata Nano Pages: 15 (3962 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Chapter –VI


This research was broad based, involving multi dimensional study of all possible factors influencing the Personal Market in general and Small Car Market in particular. There are very important findings related to influence of socio-economic issues of Indian middle class, infrastructural issues like development of roads, government policies, price and cost of running and maintaining the car etc. Performance of Tata Motors Nano car, which is the smallest car, in the small car segment, and was positioned to meet the requirement of a spatial segment of Indian buyer was also studied extensively.

6.1 Findings and Conclusions
Major findings and conclusions drawn from the study are listed below -1. 71 percent of respondents have shown their preference towards low engine capacity cars to get higher fuel efficiency. It shows that in future only cars giving higher fuel efficiency will be preferred by Indian consumers. 2. 73percent of the respondents have shown their preference toward small cars as due to increased traffic and congestion on roads. As vehicle population is increasing continuously and size of city roads started appearing narrow, it can be concluded that small cars will prove sustainable in the future. 3. 74 percent of respondents have shown their preference towards small cars due to parking convenience of roads. In cities due to phenomenal increase in number of vehicles, parking is proving to be a big problem. Parking of small cars is a bit easy and therefore, in future people are likely to prefer small cars.



In recent past car manufacturers have launched a number of models of small cars with comparable features of big cars, consequently small car owners can now enjoy all these features in small cars also. In all 73 percent of respondents have expressed their happiness due to this reason endorsed the purchase of small car.

5. In India still personal disposable income of majority of respondent is not so high that they can afford to buy a big car and therefore, 71 percent of the total respondents have expressed their opinion that their disposable income permit them to buy only a small car and thus small cars are going to be sustainable in Indian car market.

6. In India due to increase in literacy rate and also desire to lead a comfortable life have induced the people to observe small family norm, which can easily be accommodated in small cars, the of choice people is, therefore, shifting towards small cars. 70 percent of total respondents have expressed the view that small car is good for them as they have small family.

7. 70 percent of the total respondents have expressed their opinion that they prefer the small cars as repair facility is available easily and next to their door for the repair of the same.
8. In past few years the number and percentage of women in employment is increasing staidly. Such women employee prefers the small cars due to variety of reasons. 76 percent of the total respondents have expressed their agreement to the fact that increased women employment has boost the sale of small cars. As this trend is going to persist, the future of small car is bright.

9. Increased affluence and easy availability of loans and finance facilities have led to many two wheeler users to buy their first car which is normally a small car. This has made the small cars sustainable in Indian car market. 78 percent of total respondents have endorsed this fact.

10. In past few years urban as well as rural affluence has increased. This has boosted the trend of urbanization. This in turn induces the people to buy


cars. In all 77 percent respondents are of the opinion that growing urban population has boost the market of small cars in India.
11. In past one decade a phenomenon improvement has taken place in the road network. This has induced the sale of small cars in India. 81 percent of the total...
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