Fiscal Policy

Topics: Federal Open Market Committee, Economics, Real estate Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: September 24, 2013

District 6: Atlanta
The beige book is a summary of the current economics conditions around the United States. This report is published eight times a year. Each Federal reserve bank gather important information on economic conditions that have recently occurred in the district. The beige book mainly contains reports from bank and branch directors, interviews with important business contacts, economists, and market experts. The beige book summarizes all of this information mentioned by district and by sector. When preparing for meetings, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members are also given a green book, which predicts how the economy is going to play out in the next few months. The green book comes with another book called the Blue Book, which presents the board staff’s analysis of momentary policy alternatives. Out of all these books, the beige book is the only one available to the public. The beige book is available to the public approximately two weeks before each FOMC meeting. Its lists consumer spending and tourism, real estate and construction, manufacturing and transportation, banking and finance, employment and finance, employments and prices, natural resources and agriculture. Many of these categories varied in fluctuations and their impact on the economy. People who were closely related to the sixth business district reported that economic activity continued to advance at an average pace from February to March. Reports seemed generally positive and had good expectations for the coming months. However, when it came to retail, reports were mixed. Some retailers stated that sales had improved, while others stated that customers seemed to not have as much leeway spending. Car sales also boomed during this time in Atlanta. Atlanta received many tourists despite the economic position, having the tourist helped them maintain their income in business such as car rentals, hotels, and restaurants. Housing markets continued to improve, housing prices...

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