Fmgt 2200 Case Study #1

Topics: Federal Reserve System, Central bank, Monetary policy Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: September 11, 2013

After investigating several World Central Banks, I have decided to choose the Banca d’ Italia (Central Bank of Italy), Qatar Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank. Based on information from, for April 2013 for the Central Bank of Italy was 787,651 EUR Million for the M1 money supply, 1,265,610 EUR Million for the M2 money supply and 1,325,732 EUR Million for the M3 money supply. For Qatar, the money supply for M0 was 48,295.30 QAR million, M1 money supply was 103,613 QAR Million and M2 money supply was 439,643 QAR Million. Lastly, Switzerland money supply levels were as follows M0 338,429 CHF Million, M1 546,432 CHF Million, M2 824,750 CHF Million and M3 868,941 CHF Million.

The Center for the Study of Central Banks was designed to encourage research on central banks and financial systems; this was done by creating a central place for document collection. Documents included in this collection are, Central bank statutes, basic banking laws, political constitutions, unpublished working papers and related materials, conference papers, published works and annual reports. When exploring the different Central Banks websites many of announcements and press releases are published to keep the public informed on the current state of that bank. Various reports, banknotes, etc… are published to also keep the public informed. I personally believe that these websites provide a well-formed basis for what should be present to the public. Although I believe the websites are very well developed and kept up, I find some information hard to understand due to complexity of the information present. Therefore, I believe more educational resources should be present to help the public that are not as informed to have a better understanding.

There are five separate parts that make up the Federal Reserve System, Federal Reserve Banks, Board of Governors, Federal Open Market Committee, Member banks and Advisory...
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