Ford Marketing Plan

Topics: Automotive industry, General Motors, Ford Motor Company Pages: 28 (11951 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Ford Marketing Plan 2013 — Document Transcript
* 1. 2013 Ford Edge Hybrid Jacquelyn Giardina, Chief Marketing Officer Chris Mowbray, VP Product Development Marjaun Bakhtiari, VP MKT Development Nicole Solano, Brand Manager Christina Keast, Director of Existing Research Elle How, Director of New Market Research MKT419 Professor Barretti Marketing Plan * 2. Table of Contents

* 3. Executive Summary Page 1 Introduction Page X Company Description Page X Ford’s Values Page X Ford Today Page X Strategic Focus and Plan Page X Mission Page X One Team Page X One Plan Page X One Goal Page X Vision Page X Goals Page X Nonfinancial Page X Financial Page X Core Competencies Page X Situational Analysis Page X The Situational Analysis Page X Demands and Demand Trends Page X Technological Trends Page X Social and Cultural Factors Page X Demographics Page X Economic and Business Conditions Page X Legal Environment Page X Media Environment Page X SWOT Analysis Page X Strengths Page X Weaknesses Page X Opportunities Page X Threats Page X TOWS Analysis Page X Porter’s 5 Forces Page X The Industry Analysis Page X Current Standards Page X Current Industry Rankings Page X Future Industry Standards Page X The Competitor Analysis Page X Current Competitors Page X Future Competitors Page X The Company Analysis Page X Ford US Sales Page X Ford Focus Hybrid Page X Financial Help Page X The Future Page X The Customer Analysis Page X Current Page X Future Page X Product-Market Focus Page X Product Objectives Page X Features & Benefits Page X Marketing Objectives Page X Market 1 Page X Market 2 Page X Market 3 Page X Manufacturing Market Page X * 4. Page 1 Executive Summary

* 5. Page 2 Introduction • Future consumer expectations • 2013 Hybrid Edge (name) • Features and benefits • Safety and efficiency • Ford’s goals for the Edge 2013 • 3 target markets Company Description Ford’s Values Ford Motor Company started out with Henry Ford’s passion of engineering and mechanics. Ford’s first leap into the world of automotive mechanics was in 1899 when he founded the Detroit Automobile Company, in Dearborn Michigan. It was not long after the Detroit Automobile Company failed that Ford founded the Ford Motor Company on June 16, 1903. What made Ford’s vision different from the other 87 car companies in the United States at the time was Fords understanding of the cultural impact automobiles will have on the society. Ford envisioned cars being an affordable item rather than a luxury in the near future by transforming the manufacturing process. The success of Ford Motor Company was because its’ strategy encompassed a new way of manufacturing called mass production, advancements in technology, the supply chain and most of all changes in lifestyle. Ford’s personal motto, “Help the Other Fellow”, affected his goals, work environment and the corporate strategy of the Ford Motor Company. Ford Today Today’s Ford embraces all of Henry Ford’s beliefs into its current corporate strategy. Ford is known for building the everyday man’s car focusing on reliability and quality. Ford is now a leader in innovation in the automobile industry right next to BMW. Energy efficient efforts, future safety features and technology advancements are all what makes Ford, Ford; * 6. Page 3 however, the cars are not all that have made Ford into the global enterprise it is today. Its’ constant effort into driving community through the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services is only one way Ford displays its involvement and values for a safe and healthy environment for the community to live in. Because Ford holds these values high in its’ corporate strategy, its research and advancement in safety and energy saving features are genuine and dependable. Strategic Focus and Plan As stated on the Ford Motor Company website: Mission One Team “People working together as a lean, global enterprise for automotive leadership, as measured by: Customer, Employee, Dealer, Investor,...
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