forecasting in automobile industry

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Automobile Industry

Manufacturing process Forecasting.

Operations management


Why automotive sector?
Projected growth of the Indian auto industry translates to 10 -11 % of India GDP by 2016 Auto- component industry in India expected to be USD 45 billion. Policy initiative to market India as an attractive manufacturing destination. Automotive industry promises significant employment opportunities.

The Industry Performance in the Domestic Market during FY 2012-13. Category
Industry Sales (Nos.)

Commercial Vehicles
Passenger Vehicles

Alternatives Available
Shutdown fully/ partially
Manufacturing forecasting Strategies
Decrease in Sales affects entire supply chain
e.g.- Slowdown in Automobile will affect pigment ,paints , resins , solvent and related logistics Evolving Planning system that addresses changes
Addressing Inventory and converting of stock to cash.
Identify sub-optimal performance in consumption of material or inefficient processes De-risking sales is fundamental to operations.
Continuous performance improvement in operations by engaging process improvement teams who work with R& D to make positive changes for cost and material utilization. Improve data collection about customer trends, technology improvements & realistic forecast Efficient utilization of ERP systems

Production for new markets
Lean Manufacturing
Maintenance Strategies
Changes in scale of production

Effect of Reduced Demand
Under-utilized capacity
Production Cut
Inventory piled up
Blocked capital.
Checking Production
Team D decided to do a minor upgrade to Detonka but forgot that old inventory is disposed

GM Closed 13 out of 21 plants.
GM eliminated 74,000 jobs.
GM supply chain...

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