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Topics: Plato, Linguistics, Philosophy Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: March 8, 2013
What is linguistics?

Linguistic is the scientific study of human language. It can be broken into three categories of studies language form, language meaning and language in the context.

Who are the ancient Greeks?

The first problems that interested the ancient Greek thinkers were concerned not only with language, but with the composition of the physical words. Moreover the ancient Greek was very interest in philosophy and this interest leads them to investigate the nature of existence. They also started investigating the physical words and found that Man is differing from other species.

Who are the sophists?

The sophists emerged in the 15 the century as a group of philosophers who were paid to use rhetoric. The original meaning of the word sophists was WISDOM. The sophists attempted to subject everything into measurement such as geometry, astronomy and even language study. In their teaching of rhetoric, for example, they recommended the use of sentence, phrase and clause sentences. Besides, sophists stated that language is context and cannot attach from the context. Therefore, we cannot talk language without context. I n addition, sophists started to make a speculations by asking questions and move from to another thing, in this context this is what made Socrates criticized them. The main sole of the sophists was to teach their students how to convince other and learned them not to discuss GRAMMA. To sum up, Socrates was the first one who showed the shallowness of the claim of WISDOM= sophists= Wiseman, and attached the word sophists the notion of false appearance of wisdom, pointing out that the sophists trained their students to moved others to action regardless of the cause advocated. For SOCRATES sophists made no attempt to convince an audience of the TRUTH of cause.

Who are the stoics?

They were a group of philosophers and logicians who flourished in the beginning of the fourth century. The stoics were the chief opponent of Aristotle’s...
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