General Motors Analysis

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General Motors Analysis

I. Executive Summary
II. Company Overview and History
III. Analysis of External Environment
a. Analysis of the General Environment
b. Analysis of the Competitive Environment
i. Dominant Economic Characteristics of the Industry Environment 1. Market size and growth rate
2. Number and sizes of competitors
3. Stage in the industry life cycle
ii. Strategic Group Analysis
1. Strategic Group Maps
a. Identify Primary Competitors
b. Identify Potential New Entrants
iii. Five Forces Analysis (relevant to strategic group) 1. Rivalry among existing competitors
2. Threat of potential entry
3. Competition from substitutes
4. Power of suppliers
5. Power of customers
iv. Critical Success Factors
IV. Internal Analysis (relative to primary competitors)
a. Value Chain Analysis
b. Distinctive Competencies
c. Financial Analysis
V. Relative Strategic Position
a. Business-level strategy
i. Cooperative Strategies
ii. Competitive Posture
b. Corporate-level Strategy
VI. Critical Issues

I. Executive Summary
Rick Wagoner is the CEO of GM. He is from Richmond, VA, 55 years old and he graduated from Harvard Business School. His current salary is $1.5 million a year, not including benefits and bonuses. (maybe not now since he has resigned). Wagoner started at GM in the treasurer’s office in 1981. After moving up through the company in May of 2003 he became their CEO. While he has been at GM, they have lost $85 billion. He has been complimented for his efforts in cutting cost and blamed for slow change. He has also been accused of having a lack of vision and on March 29, 2009 he resigned. Wagoner Alan Mulally is the CEO of Ford. He is from Oakland, CA, 63 years old and he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His current salary is $2 million a year, not including benefits and bonuses. Mulally went to work for Boeing straight out of college as an engineer. He made great contributions to Boeing and worked for them until he became CEO of Ford in 2006. The first thing he did was to bring the Taurus back, which was a best seller. He took charge of “The Way Forward” program, which resulted in lowering its enormous losses and declining market share. He is given credit for equalizing Ford’s place in the current market. Mulally Fujio Cho is the CEO of Toyota. He is from Japan, 72 years old, and he graduated from Tokyo University with a Law Degree. Cho went to work for Ford in 1960 and in June of 2006 he became the CEO. During this time he held several different titles and performed several different functions. He is only the second person, not a member of the Toyoda family, to run the company. This says a lot for Cho because the Japanese put strong emphasis on family and relationships. Cho

Company Overview and History

GM was founded in 1908 in Flint, Michigan. Based on sales, it is the second largest car manufacturer in the world and employs about 266,000 people in the world. Its global headquarters are in Detroit, Michigan. GM makes its cars and trucks in 35 countries around the world. It started out as just a holding company for Buick. In the course of its life GM took control of the Yellow Coach Bus Company and founded Greyhound. During the 1980’s several well-meaning ideas went wrong in every direction. This cost GM to lose money for the first time since the 1920’s. Lousy management, product quality, and numerous lawsuits were affecting sales and causing GM to lose market share to foreign automakers. GM corrected this...
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