Generations Essay

Topics: Technology, Difference, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: June 4, 2012
The World was changed in the 1990s and 2000s as a result of the millions of technological developments that took place. Political events that occurred during the generation of 1970s-1980s have affected the way things happen duringbig roof the foreclosures, different politically because of all the attacks, and very different socially because of all the new technological advances.

Politically, many things have changed. Of course there are still attacks that are going on in the world, but the attacks in this generation are more violent and have less of a reason.old airport. People don’t know exactly why he wanted to do so, but there’s not really any good reason to kill everyone as the new U.S. difference with who can be president now as opposed to then. Racism has improved; it still exists, but the fact that we have an African American president in my generation just easily shows that the issue of racism has been improving.

Socially, many new things have come about. There are new inventions, big social events dealing with celebrities, and certain things that weren’t very common have become very popular. Our ways of communicating with each other have definitely changed; today there are lots of ways to and generation. Some social events such as the Tiger Woods Sex Scandal, which was talked about for a while by a lot of people, are way different from the social events such as Woodstock that was talked about nowadays on younger teens and adults as well. What happens in their life now is talked about more than it should be. There is many social changes between my generation and my parent’s generation.

Economically, there are many changes between the two generations. The taxes have gone up, causing the way that people spend their extra money to not as well as it used to be, Japanese auto industry was doing really well in my parent’s generation. Because of the many problems that came with the oil spills, people would buy more fuel-officant Japanese cars. Nowadays,...
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