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Globalization and International management

Assessment 1
Literature Review

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2. Literature Review3
2.1 The definition of globalization4
2.2 The history and development of globalization4
2.3 The causes of globalization5
2.4 The impacts of globalization6
2.5 Evaluate the globalization7
3. Conclusion8

1. Introduction
For years, “Globalization” become one of the most popular word all around the world and covering a wide range of fields in the world, like economic, culture and even political. Globalization makes the world become smaller, it is a integration of economic, financial, communication, companies, government and trade of the word, it driven by the international investment and profit from information and communication technologies (Ietto-Gillies,Grazia,2011), it means the local and nationals start to have a opening perspective, the countries become interrelated and interdependent because of the free transfer of products,services and capitals. The globalization can be summarizing into three kinds: economic globalization; culture globalization and political globalization. Economic globalization has resulted in many businesses setting up or buying operations in other countries. Therefore, the transnational corporations (TNCs) become the most important role in the globalization precess.(Ietto-Gillies, Grazia,2011)The Importance of political globalization of an international organization is obviously growing, and these international organizations are a focus on their actions which without sacrificing national sovereignty.Cultural globalization is a process that can hybridize the global popular culture and makes the cultural differences flatten out (Held and McGrew,2003). There are many researches that tried to study about the word of “Globalization”, they try to give a definition of globalisation; find the impacts of globalisation; find the way to make globalisation work and even argue the causation of associated of globalization. In this report, it will summarizes the arguments of some previous literatures,identify the key notions and explain them, assess the strengths and weakness through the comparison of these arguments, and try to give a brief evaluation from author’s own opinion. 2. Literature Review

In this report, the author had read several literatures and summarized their key notions into 4 main categories: the definition of globalization; the history and development of globalization; the causes of globalization and the impacts of globalization.These notions will be the list below. 2.1 The definition of globalization

There are many research results prove the identification of globalization, in Grazia’s opinion, globalization is a complicated phenomenon, it is both a process of expand the space and the increasing degree of interdependent and interrelated between groups. Governments in different countries of the world.(Ietto-Gillies, Grazia,2011) Globalization has a clearly characteristic and it possibly be identified as flows of capital, services, trade and people across the world; and it represents a significant transformation in the spatial reach of organizations and social relations towards the interregional or intercontinental scale.(Held, D. And McGrew, A. 2003) In Petras,James F’s book, they said that globalization is related to the liberalization of world markets and national in the belief that free trade, capital and information technology will produce the best result for growth and human social benefit. In addition, in Petras and James book, there also point that there has another view that globalization is globalization as a project rather than as an inevitable great process tend to see the alteration connected with it differently. To sum up, what all these...

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