Han, China and Athens Greece comparison

Topics: China, Philosophy, Confucianism Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: January 5, 2014
 Shirkira PIttman March 15,2013 Cultural and Intellectual Life In life you will find that many people have belief systems or cultures that help make up their life. Culture is a type of tradition,value, heritage shared with a group or nation. Throughout mainly history, many different cultures have experienced a Golden Age; it is when great advances were made in a variety of different fields. A Golden Age is also a time of prosperity for many people.There are many cultures that experienced a Golden Age. For Example, The Athens,Greece and The Han Dynasty both flourished during their Golden Age and had many achievements that are well known today. The Athens, Greece culture experienced a Golden Age. Greece Golden Age was a time when Greeks had confidence in the human mind.The Athens used philosopy; philosophy was a way that they could express their self. Philosophy to us is a system of ideas that is concerned with worldly goals; that was early developed by a brillant scholar Confucius. Confucius is someone who I call powerful because he dedicated himself to education and public service. As a teacher Confucius spread education to both rich and poor.Confucius influenced thousands but he never wrote down his ideas. Thousands of philosophers were inspired by him. For Example, Aristotle was Plato most famous student; who later developed ideas about the government; he adressed the questions of how people should live. He analyzed all forms of government from democracy to monarchy. From all of our understanding; Democracy is a government in which people hold ruling power and Monarchy is a government in which a king or queen exercises central power. Socrates was also a philosopher. Socrates was different, he was an outspoken critic and Athenian stonemason; who wrote no books. Socrates often passed his days in town square asking people about their...
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